Foodie Galactica

January 2015 ||| Skills:UX/UI Design, Graphic Design ||| Play: Here

Foodie Galactica is a mobile app developed to teach children the basic principles of the Canadian Food Guide. You must go on a mission with Foodie the Fox to save Planet Guide by travelling through the different food group planets.

Team: Samuel Yee

Gameplay & Mechanics

By travelling to each planet in the galaxy you must gather nutritious items that follow the Canadian Food Guide, while avoiding the “space junk food” in order to help save the remaining population of Planet Guide. Each planet is coloured based on the corresponding food category. By clicking a planet you may choose from many different levels to complete a certain task You use your fingers swiping left and right to move the character to collect certain foods and to avoid space junk food. If you fail to complete the task, or collect 3 items of junk food you will lose the game.

  • • Users will generate points by collecting the proper foods at each level
  • • A rating out of three stars is given at the end of each level
  • • Power ups include: extra lives, coins, and time freeze
Sketching & Wireframing

The classic arcade style game: Sam and I realized that we did not have to reinvent the wheel with this game. It was designed to be simple and familiar for children to use.

Representing the 4 Food Groups

Each planet corresponded to a following food group and their respected colour. I designed all the healthy food icons for each of the game worlds.

Foodie the Fox

Designed by Samuel Yee, Foodie is a cute spacefox. Below are two character states of Foodie. Pictured on the left is an active Foodie who has been eating healthily based on the Canadian Food Guide. On the right is a Foodie who ate too much “space junk food”.

Educational Value

Playing this game will instinctually teach students what food items belong to in their respected food groups. It also teaches facts about the Canadian Food Guide through the loading screens and the unfolding story in the narration. Our app provides links that will direct students to the Canadian Food Guide website for more information on a healthy balanced diet. Children feel accomplished for having fun saving Planet Guide while learning the fundamentals of the Canadian Food Guide!