SapientNitro - Sapient Surfer

DECEMBER 2015 ||| Skills: UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design

SapientNitro has been experiencing a lack of communication internationally between teams, employees, and offices across the world.By focusing on the issues of differing time zones, and cultural barriers my team and I designed an iPad App that focuses on tackling these primary issues that SapientNitro faces.

My Role: Wireframes & Sketches, User Research, Designed UI Elements


In the beginning stages of creating this game I created wireframes and site maps to ease the user experience. The site mapping helped to refine the ideas and the flow of the game.

User Flow Chart
Creating a Visual Language

In order to further improve the designs, three usability tests were conducted from the high fidelity prototype on InVision. Changes were made appropriately to accommodate the results.


User Interviews

Name: Samuel Yee Name: Shannon Andrews Name: Kitty Huang
Age: 19 Age: 20 Age: 21
“The sound effects could be more interesting, as it is a game with a global focus you could incorporate aeroplane sound effects every time it flips on to another page” “I was having difficulty navigating it, some of the buttons weren’t functioning” “Visual aspects look awesome! And the game mechanics make sense to me”
Gameplay & Mechanics

The game begins with a map of the active offices. Deactivated offices are currently in nighttime timezones. A popup (job task) will arise, listing an assignment and the amount points awarded upon completion. Each office is operating on three different criterion - communication, speed, and capacity. Every job task requires different amounts of communication, speed and capacity points to be allocated to each of the offices in order to be com- pleted. As each office takes on more tasks the communication, speed and capacity bars will increase. Our game begins in the Toronto office where the player is given an assignment based in one of the various Sapi- entNitro offices worldwide. Offices that are currently inactive, based on nighttime timezones, will not be available for selection. An overview of the randomized communication, capacity, and speed variables for that location will appear. Depending on the challenge, the player will be awarded with points.